Sacramento Justice League is an active California Nonprofit that was formed in order to assist low income individuals with legal issues in Sacramento County. We are now offering legal services on a sliding scale basis for low income individuals in our community.  If you would like to apply for sliding scale services, please visit our Documents page and download an application for services and the fee waiver form and return them to us.

If you are in an emergency domestic violence situation or a tenant in Sacramento County and you have been served with a notice to vacate your home, we may be able to help.  If you have received a 3-day notice to vacate or if you have been served with a summons in an unlawful detainer action, call us at 916-754-2986 to set up a free consultation ASAP.  If you have been served with a 30 or 60 day notice, please attend one of our Tenant Know Your Rights workshops.


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