What We Do

Free or low-Cost legal services

Sacramento Justice League is a nonprofit corporation in Sacramento providing low-income Sacramento County residents access to legal services in the areas of law that impact these residents the most.  We will continue to develop programs that will meet the needs of the community and fill in the services gaps, and to help create a path to justice and hope for the community.

Practice Areas

Family Law

We offer open family law clinics once a week for individuals seeking assistance in divorce, custody, support, adoption, and paternity cases.  We offer direct representation on a limited basis.  Anyone with questions or who has a case and can't afford an attorney is invited to participate in these clinics.

Domestic Violence

We take domestic violence very seriously and we offer assistance in preparing a request for a domestic violence restraining order, preparing for your hearing, and in some cases we can provide an attorney to represent you if you are a petitioner seeking protection. If you are not safe, we ask that you call our office so that we can get you an emergency appointment.  We do assist with restraining orders in our family law clinics.

Minor's Counsel

In high conflict custody cases it may be necessary for the court to appoint an attorney to represent the children. We offer minor's counsel services in these cases for no or greatly reduced costs to the parents.


We offer mediation to community members who can't afford the costs of a private mediator. Sometimes someone to help facilitate the conversation is all that is needed to come to a compromise or solution.

Estate Planning

It is common for low income individuals to own a home or have a pension they want protected in a trust, but they can't afford a private attorney to prepare one for them. We offer assistance to low income individuals with assets to protect from the costs of probate as one step in fighting generational poverty.

Tenant Defense

We see the housing crisis for what it is, a crisis of human rights. We offer several resources for residential tenants. Know Your Rights clinics, Eviction Response Assistance, and Demand Letters are just the surface of our fight to make housing a human right.

Credit Defense

Learn what credit is, how to improve your credit, and how to protect yourself from creditors using unlawful and predatory practices in our free to the public Know Your Credit Rights clinic.  We also offer support to individuals who are facing civil suits on collection cases and are developing a Bankruptcy program and clinic.

Post-Conviction Relief

We can help you obtain your RAP Sheet and then clean up any errors or cases that can be dismissed (commonly called "expungement").  We also can assist with cleaning up more serious offenses. Our attorneys are prepared to help and to advocate for you.

Restorative Justice

Restorative and Transformative Justice are processes of conflict resolution that directly address harm and include the victim and community in the accountability process.  We believe that Restorative and Transformative Justice are the best alternatives to our current criminal justice system and law enforcement systems, systems which are inherently racist and classicist and destroy communities and families.


Donate Now

We are only able to do this awesome work for free or low-cost because of generous donors and volunteers. Anything you can give to help will make a difference. The scales tip towards a new world with every dollar.