What We Do

Free or low-Cost legal services

The Sacramento Justice League is a nonprofit corporation in Sacramento that aims to provide low-income Sacramento County residents equal access to legal services in the areas of law that impact these residents the most; to continue to develop programs that will meet the needs of the community and fill in the gaps between available services; and to provide a path to justice and hope for the community.

Practice Areas

Family Law

Whether it's an uncontested divorce or not, we recognize things like support and custody can be trying things, so our staff is prepared to handle your case with gentle love and care. We also help families grow through adoption and third parent rights advocacy.

Domestic Violence

There is nothing our organization takes more seriously and has more priority around. These moments call for intervention and support and we ask that you call our office immediately, so that we can get you an emergency appointment.

Minor's Counsel

SJL is not prepared to offer this service as of now, but our staff is training up and gearing up to bring them soon! Sacramento County does not currently have a Minor Counsel's Panel, and our organization aims to bring one with the support of Sacramento County Superior Court.


SJL offers mediation to community members who currently have an active family law or a landlord tenant case in Sacramento County. Sometimes someone to help facilitate the conversation is all that is needed to come to a compromise or solution.

Estate Planning

We recognize that what to do in the event of crisis, wills and trusts are the last thing people should be worrying about. We want to provide simple steps to for you to be able to make arrangements in the event of unexpectedness happening.

Tenant Defense

We see the housing crisis for what it is, so we have dedicated our time to building a program just for residential tenants. Know Your Rights, Eviction Response, and Demand Letters are just the surface of our fight to make housing a human right.

Credit Defense

Learn what credit is and how to protect yourself from unlawful creditors. We know that credit is apart of the class system, so from Know Your Rights to legal representation, trust that SJL has your interests at heart.

Post-Conviction Relief

We help you obtain your RAP Sheet, so that we can navigate you through the Expungement, Certificate of Rehabilitation, or Pardon process. Our attorneys are prepared to advocate for you.

Restorative Justice

Restorative and Transformative Justice is a lens that takes harm, includes the victim and community in the accountability process, and redefines Justice and how amends are made. Its the alternative to a failing Criminal Justice System, although we would argue its doing exactly what it was designed to do, cause further harm to our communities.

Public Policy and Advocacy

The laws dictate our life. They dictate what we can and can't do. What things deserve funding and what things are cut. They control how we relate to most of the world around us, and every single day, we need to advocate for ourselves and each other for another world, because it is necessary. From street action to organizing elected officials, SJL is doing our job to ensure that another world be made possible.


Donate Now

We are only able to do this awesome work for free or low-cost because of generous donors and volunteers. Anything you can give to help will make a difference. The scales tip towards a new world with every dollar.