We have missed our work, and have worked diligently on how to pivot in this moment of crisis to find creative ways to offer our much needed services. Unfortunately, we anticipate mass devastation to our communities because of Covid_19 and the ways our communities are not being supported through it. We project mass foreclosures and evictions. We think credit reports and billing companies will start to attack. We know there is going to be a spike in Domestic Violence and Divorce in our community. We see the waves of poverty coming and the many ways that our community is going to be affected. We already see it.

From Court closures to Stay-at-home orders, we know that peoples lives are hanging in the balance. We know that we have clients who cant email us or call us. Who don’t have access or understanding of Zoom and other video conferencing platforms. We know that someone from our community doesn’t have a computer. In light of that and the amount of work we see coming our way in the next couple months, SJL has undergone some changes.

You will see a change in our fee schedule, that allows for more accessibility and affordability on end of the scale, while also creating more of an investment in our work from some of our clients on the other.  We are going to begin offering consultations via Zoom, and offering a physical computer access station at our office, for those who need it. We will be practicing safe social distancing in our space for months to come, so masks will be required, but provided if you do not have access to one. We are turning all of our know how into information that we can pump out digitally and through literature. We are going to outsource as much of our knowledge about current court updates, procedures, Know Your Rights info, and organizing efforts in our community. We aim to give everyone the tools because our office is no longer the only place that can hold them. Our Know Your Rights information will be added to videos online and physical ones on the weekends for those that need it.

We are going through a lot of changes, as we all are right now. It is will the warmest heart, that we say, we look forward to hitting the ground with you again soon. The struggle never left, it was only been exacerbated by this pandemic, and community is the cure.

Ps… Like our new website? Its coming along quickly!!!

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