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April 23 General Workshop

We are opening our doors for a general purpose workshop on Saturday April 23rd from 12:30 to 4:30 at our location on Fruitridge Road. Call our office at 916-754-2986 or email us at to register. We will be primarily offering Family Law assistance but also help for tenants facing eviction and criminal record cleanup services.
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Looking Toward the Future

As we see the Covid 19 vaccines become more available and we here at Sacramento Justice League and our surrounding communities have the opportunity to receive them, we hope to resume in-person clinics in the coming months. We will be accessing the situation going forward and are hoping to resume our clinics in a safe and responsible way in the month of May. Moving forward we hope everyone can hold out just a little longer and keep the community safe so we all may live to fight another day. We are still offering consultations via Zoom or phone, and will be offering access to a computer at ...
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We have missed our work, and have worked diligently on how to pivot in this moment of crisis to find creative ways to offer our much needed services. Unfortunately, we anticipate mass devastation to our communities because of Covid_19 and the ways our communities are not being supported through it. We project mass foreclosures and evictions. We think credit reports and billing companies will start to attack. We know there is going to be a spike in Domestic Violence and Divorce in our community. We see the waves of poverty coming and the many ways that our community is going to be affected. We ...
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