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In Sacramento County, it is said that 80% of folx go unrepresented in our courtrooms. It has a lot to do with the affordability and access to to services. Here, at the Sacramento Justice League, we understand that and are providing services that can assist with folx who are self-represented. We offer our document preparation services, that go beyond just helping you fill out a form.

Our office is staffed with lawyers and preparation assistants, that can help you every step of the way through your “In Pro Per” experience. Here we want you to understand the process, because we all know how scary or daunting the courthouse and your situation may be. We feel that if you are properly prepared, then you will be able to comfortably and confidently be able to do the steps, whether its for Family Law, Tenants Law, Credit Defense, or Background Expungement.

We are different in the sense that we not only hear your story, but we help build a road map of how to get to your next chapter. Call today at 916-754-2986, or fill out a contact us form.


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