How it Works

Our goal is to continue to provide the services that our community needs.

SJL offers services to the community in a number of ways. Information is always free.

Participant Clinics

These clinics are for individuals with legal issues who need direct advice. Our Family Law Clinic and Eviction Response Clinics offer the opportunity for those who can’t afford a private attorney to speak with an attorney about their case. Services available at these clinics includes advice, document review, document preparation, and support.

Know Your Rights Clinics

These clinics are open to the public and always free, regardless of income. Our Credit Know Your Rights and Tenant Know Your Rights clinics offer essential information to the public. We can also help review credit reports and have resources for tenants with specific questions about their situations.

Legal Representation

SJL is currently offering legal representation on a very limited basis. Our direct representation services are only available due to the generous donations of time from our attorneys. We represent clients in family law cases, domestic violence restraining order cases, civil rights cases, eviction cases, and uninhabitable premises/retaliatory eviction cases.

We only offer legal representation through our clinics. If you would like to consult with one of our attorneys please call us at 916-754-2986.

We serve hundreds of low-income Sacramento residents every year. We believe that as legal professionals it is our duty to give back to the community more so than almost any other profession; with the power to effectuate change comes the duty to do so.