Tenant Defense and Eviction Response

We know that currently, Sacramento, has the fastest growing rental market. We know that means that our neighborhoods are being gentrified and tenants are being evicted at enormous rates in our city. We believe that it is important that tenant protections should be enforced because it is one of the only tools we have to stand up to unjust landlords. Not only do we hold free monthly Tenants Know Your Rights Trainings, but we can also help with emergency eviction responses. If  you have received a 3-day notice or any unlawful detainer paperwork please call the office at 916-754-2986 to register for our bi-weekly eviction response clinic. A RESPONSE TO AN UNLAWFUL DETAINER SUMMONS IS DUE 5 DAYS AFTER RECEIVING IT.  All of our services are low or free cost, so Click here to see if you qualify.

Visit Tenants Together for a quick Know Your Rights Info Guide.



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